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Multiple Tooth Implant

x-ray image of Multiple Tooth ImplantThere are millions of people in the same boat as you. They have lost at least one tooth. Over a third of all Americans have at least one permanent tooth missing right now. While a lot of people can lose at least one tooth and not be affected- such as if you lose a wisdom tooth- losing multiple teeth is a problem. People with multiple teeth missing face larger problems. They may not feel like they can smile. They may have trouble eating, and they may miss eating their favorite foods. They might not laugh much in public, if at all, because they worry people will look at their missing teeth. If you have lost multiple teeth, you need to know there are solutions out there. Let Fay Periodontal Associates give you some information about multiple tooth implants.

Why Do I Need A Multiple Tooth Implant?

You may need a multiple tooth implant for many reasons. You may need a multiple tooth implant in order to look your best for a wedding or a job interview. Maybe you need a multiple tooth implant so you can enjoy your favorite foods again. You also might be in pain from your jaw because your teeth have been shifting around to compensate for your missing teeth. Some people want to get implants to improve their oral hygiene. One of the most important reasons people need to get implants is because they need to maintain the health of their teeth and their jawbones. When you have a multiple tooth loss, your jawbone may think you don’t need your bone mass, and start to take some away. You might eventually have a weaker jawbone, which could change the structure of your face.

What Happens During a Multiple Tooth Implant?

The procedure to get a multiple tooth implant seems like it would be complicated, but it is simple. First, we do a thorough check of the area where you need the implant. The area where an implant will go has to be free of problems. If you lost multiple teeth due to an accident or an injury, we need to make sure the area is free of tooth pieces or tooth roots. If you have gum disease, we need to make sure the area of the implant isn’t infected or inflamed. If it is, we’ll have to treat your gum tissue and wait. Once your gums are free of infection, we drill holes in your jawbone and place screws. Those screws will attach your prosthetic tooth on the top all the way to your jawbone, which is what happens with your natural teeth. Once we have placed the screws, we’ll give your gums time to heal, then we place prosthetic teeth where the screws are.

We think implants are incredible. Once we place your new teeth, no one will know you have prosthetic teeth - that’s how real they look. Those new implanted teeth will look like your teeth and work the same way as your real teeth. You’ll be able to smile as widely as you want. You’ll be able to laugh. You can eat that thick steak again. The best part is that your jaw will continue to be strong, which is the most important part. Have questions about implants? We’d be glad to answer your questions. Give Fay Periodontal Associates a call at (913) 268-9300.
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