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Aesthetic Gum Lift

older couple smilingThis may be shocking to you, but we love teeth. There is nothing more appealing to us in the world than a fabulous smile. We love teeth so much that they are the first thing we look at when we first start to notice a person. While some people love feet or legs or eyes, we love teeth. First impressions always have something to do with teeth, we think. If you are like us, and you love looking at healthy teeth, you know that not everyone’s smile is perfect. You might have an issue with your smile. It could prevent you from smiling as brightly as you can. Perhaps your gums are too large, and they make your teeth look small. Genetics in your family tree or even medication could cause you to have overly large gums. If you are longing for smaller gums, Fay Periodontal Associates have a solution for you. They are called aesthetic gum lifts.

Why Do Some People Have A Lot of Gum Tissue?

There are many reasons why people may have too much gum tissue. If you’ve looked around at your family members, you might notice they have the same gum tissue- or too much of it - the way you do. Inflammation might also force your gums to be larger than they should be. Once we manage your gum disease, your inflamed gums should be much smaller, which will make it easier for you to smile, and it will make your gums healthier. If you take medications, such as heart medications, anti-seizure medication or immunosuppressive drugs, you may have excessive gum growth.

What is an Aesthetic Gum Lift?

When we used to do gum surgery in the past to trim excessive gum tissue, we had to remove the excess tissue with a scalpel. This meant that there would be a lot of bleeding and a lot of sutures. You might also run the risk of infection or inflammation of gum tissue. Now, instead of using a scalpel, we can use lasers. When we use lasers to remove gum tissue, there is less bleeding, bruising, and swelling. Also, a laser’s heat kills bacteria and lowers a patient’s risk of infection. We can also use lasers without anesthesia, because lasers are painless. We can even contour the gums, or even them out to the size and shape of your face.

Am I A Good Candidate for an Aesthetic Gum Lift?

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? If you have beautiful, shiny teeth, you are in great shape. However, if you have a lot of gum tissue, you may need to have a gum lift. Our practice uses gum lifts all the time to help people with uneven gums or excessive gum tissue. We will need to have a conversation with you about whether you have good overall health, and we will check to see if you have good oral health. If you do, we can proceed with a gum lift. If you don’t, we can treat your gum disease first, then perform a gum lift. Do you need more information about aesthetic gum lifts? We would love to talk to you about your gums, and whether it might be necessary for you to have a gum lift. Give Fay Periodontal Associates a call at (913) 268-9300.
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